About our online store

Have you ever wondered what a piece of jewellery means to you? A piece of jewellery is a complement to the outfit, whether it's evening, day, office. We wear a piece of jewellery: - to be special - to highlight all that is most beautiful - to discover yourself - to be able to focus on what you want - for self-love - To be the centre of attention, why not?

The jewellery we want to tell you about is made in frivolite, French lace technique (often abroad the term tasting is used). Frivolite is a technique of weaving lace by hand, using special crates or needles with a blunt end. To make these jewels we need thread, beads, stones, pearls, buttons, crochet, spool or shuttle and furnishings. The thread is unfolded on the screw, the required number of beads is placed and work begins.

Subsequently, the desired model scheme is chosen and knot by knot, the jewellery takes shape. With the help of this technique, a wide range of jewellery is made, such as: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, ties, purses, rings, bow ties, collars, gloves, hair elastics, girdles, purses, chokers..... Each piece of jewellery is unique, special in its own way.